Audio/Video Promotions Package - The Ultimate Pop Star experience - Promote Yourself - YouTube it!

Audio/Video Promotions Package


Why not capture an Audio/Video performance?

With the popularity of YouTube today many people are looking to take their music further – combing a song or performance with film. This is something we offer here at the studio and have found it to be very popular and successful for us and our artists.

This Audio/Video Promotions Package is aimed at the solo artist, performer or singer who wants a high quality (HD) promotional video to get noticed or to put on YouTube. Labels/promoters and talent scouts these days are looking for the complete package and although songs, originality and great recordings are essential – a performance video from a session in the Studio can be a great asset. We will do our best to capture the essence of your performance and recording time with us.

Whether it is for a possible future in the Music Business or just as a memento of a great day recording why not give it a try?


How It Works

Option 1

This will be 60 minutes of recording/filming and 60 minutes of mix-down/mastering. You can do multiple takes of your song within the 60 minutes. However, we do need at least 60 minutes to properly mix-down and master the audio and then edit and sync the video to the chosen take.

You can discuss with us in advance the particular requirements of your future session if you are in doubt. Time can fly by during a session so please take care to prepare for the session.

Option 2

This will be 90 minutes of recording/filming and 90 minutes of mix-down/mastering. You can do multiple takes of your song within the time. However, we do need at least 90 minutes to properly mix-down and master the audio and then edit and sync the video to the chosen takes.



Option 1 = 1 song  – £250 (Solo)
Option 2 = 1 song – £400 (Duo)


What do I get?

Once the audio recording and video capture is complete we will edit the best of the audio and video footage from the session to complete the finished product depending which package you have. We will give you a DVD disc with the data on it to take away.

We can even add this to your YouTube Channel for you!

I may want to extend my session on the day?

No problem! Provided the studio does not have a following booking you can bolt on time on the day and can be paid for on the day.

What about Multi-tracking?

It may not be possible to do layered tracks during these short audio/video recording session. More audio and video will require extra tracking, camera shots and time. However, it is an option – provided we can allocate enough time to do so. For example, if you want to add extra backing vocals or a guitar solo that’s great, but remember any extra tracking requires extra time to mix-down. You must allow extra time for this so chose option 2. This 3-hour session is the best choice and gives you the ability to bolt on extra time (subject to availability.) Why not give us a call before you book to discuss your needs and we will explain what you need to do.

I am not professional – Does it matter?

Absolutely not! Many of the people who have recorded/filmed here just want to capture themselves playing or singing. I doesn’t have to be for YouTube or a Record Label. It can be just for you and maybe your partner or family as a gift or something you have always wanted to do but never did.

Can two of us do it together?

Absolutely! However it’s not possible within the 2 hour session – there just wouldn’t be enough time. With the 2-hour session we wouldn’t be able to accommodate 2 artists, you would need to go for the longer 3 hour session (Option 2). If you have any doubts or questions it would be best to call us and discuss this option first.

Can I record my whole band?

Sadly no. Not within the short packages. The constraints of recording audio and video at once in such a short time means that BAND recording is not really possible with the format of these short sessions. If you want to book for longer we are more than happy to give you a quote and advice. This is something we do quite regularly for artists. You can book for longer and custom make you Audio/Visual Experience. We do work with our partners AVP Productions (Video Production Specialists) with artist from time to time and the results are spectacular!

I’m under 16 years of age – Can I do it?

Absolutely! However if you are under 16 you MUST have an adult with you.

Does the studio have Public Liability Insurance?

Absolutely! We are fully covered to the highest level. Our producers are also members of the Musicians Union

Video Format?

We will capture your session in full HD 1080p format.

Backing Tracks, Solo Vocal or Instruments?

Use your own songs, backing tracks or instruments to perform (we can provide instruments but call to confirm first.) We source all our backing tracks from reputable backing track companies and our equipment list is first class. Remember you MUST have the commercial-use rights to use the backing tracks if they are owned by another Artist if you intend to publish and monetize on YouTube!

More Songs or Tracks?

If you wish to create a custom package – or if you require more details please call .. 07973 675 723 We are more than happy to help.

Take a look at this short collection of clips from recent video sessions.


Chris & Kim

This session was such fun – a gift for a birthday and two lovely people!


Elana Patel

One of three tracks we recorded and filmed in the studio as a YouTube Promo



Came all the way from Portugal to see us and thoroughly enjoyed the day!


Dave Collins

This Track is one of 3 Original songs recorded and filmed here in the studio by Curly Lead and AVP