Marialuisa Marino

Marialuisa Marino

Recently we were commissioned to record the voice for this e-Book story about George Green for Marialuisa (N.D. Professor Marialuisa Marino H.E.)

My first published book was ‘Beyond Fantasy, Poetry and Paintings’ in 2001. Followed by ‘Merry Mischief’ which is about the story of young Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. This was published by Leppi Publications with her permission and I received a thank you letter from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Other books available in my collection include ‘The Fantastical Journeys of George Green’ – the miller mathematician of Nottingham, these books contain further examples of both my art and poetry. 

I hope that I shall never lose my Peter Pan imaginative childhood side of my inspiration. I wish to dream on and on, continuing to share this special gift with both the young and the old.


The Fantastical Journey of George Green – Books 1 – 3 (abridged) from NCDcreative on Vimeo.