Recorded/filmed/mixed and mastered in just 6 hours, here we have 2 tracks from local Singer/Songwriter Nigel Cowey – “Ghost” and “Tonight”.

Both pieces were recorded live with no overdubbing. We used only ambient mic techniques – with a trio of top quality mics – the Sontronics Omega tube/SE Electronics VR1 ribbon and an Audio Technica AT4041 precision condenser. Managing to capture the quality of Nigel’s two fabulous vintage George Lowden guitars and still not have a problem with the projection of his vocal or phasing.

We did this to allow the video to look natural with no “in camera” mics showing to spoil the visuals. The Omega was out of shot approx. 5 feet away, the VR1 is out of shot just left of the body of the acoustic and the 4041 is up to the right/front above the guitar neck. Very pleased with the result.


Nigel’s guitars are ; 1. The original series L 25 (serial number 185), this was this was one of the first guitars to be built in the new workshop in Northern Ireland around 1986-7. 2. The LSE 11 (Lowden stage edition 2) with Rosewood back & sides and a skita spruce top which I bought in 1994. It’s now called from what I can work out the Lowden 32 Stage Edition