Equipment List

Recording Equipment

SoundCraft Ghost 48/24/8 Automated Mixing Desk
Quested H208 Main Studio Monitors
Quested F5 Nearfeild Studio Monitors
Dynadio Acoustics BM10 Custom Curly Lead ‘Custom Orange’ Reference Monitors
TASCAM RA1000-HD Professional Mastering Recorder HDD
Fostex D160 16-Track Hard Disk Recorder
Fostex D108 8-Track Hard Disk Recorder (x2)
Fostex AC2496 Pro A/D Router (16 Channel)
Fostex DP8 Digital Audio Patchbay / Router (x2)
DBX Quantum II – Digital Mulitband Mastering Processor
PC based multi track VST recording and editing studio software
ART MDM8L Limiter
Line 6 POD 2
Line 6 POD XT Live
HHB CDR 850 Professional CD Recorder
Beyerdynamic DT100 Headphones (x2)
Beyerdynamic DT250 Headphones (x4)
Extreme Isolation EX29 Headphones (x2)
Fostex T40RP Headphones
Tannoy Reveal X Monitors
Omnirax Custom Built Console and side racks
Alesis RA 500 / 100 Monitor amps
Art SLA-2 Monitor Amp


TL Audio 5051 Ivory Mono Valve Voice Processor
TL Audio 5021 V1 Ivory 2 Channel Valve Compressor
TL Audio 5021 V2 Ivory 2 Channel Valve Compressor
TL Audio 2021 Indigo 2 Channel Valve Compressor
TL Audio EQ 2012 2012 2 Channel Parametric EQ
TL Audio 2051 Indigo Valve Compressor
TL Audio PA-2 Dual Valve Mic Pre Amp/DI (x2)
TL Audio 5050 Ivory Mono Mic Pre-Amp/Compressor
Lexicon LXP 15 Vintage Effects Processor
Yamaha REV 500 Effects Processor
Roland SRV 24bit Digital 3030 Reverb
Drawmer MX40 Punch Gate
Drawmer MX50 Dual De-Esser
Drawmer LX 20 Dual Compressor
Drawmer Dl 251 Spectral Compressor
Drawmer DF330 Dual noise Filter (x2)
DBX 286 Mic Processor
DBX 262 Dual Compressor
Audio Technica AT MX351 Automatic Mixer
Aphex 106 EasyRider 4 Channel Compressors
SPL 9526 Vitaliser Stereo Spacial Expander
Behringer UltraPatch Pro PX2000 Patchbay (x3)
Behringer UltraPatch Pro PX3000 Patchbay
Behringer PowerPlay Pro Headphone Amplifier



Sontronics Omega Valve Microphone
SE Electronics VR1 Voodoo Ribbon Mic
SE Electronics Stand 1 Pro stands
Sontronics STC-1S Matched pair Instrument Mics
Shure SM58 (x2)
Audio Technica AT4041 (x2)
AKG C3000
KK Sounds Percussion/Drum Mic Set (x5)
Audio Technica ATM 250DE Artist Series Dual Element Instrument Kick Drum Mic
Audio Technica ATM 25 Drum/Bass/Tom Mics (x2)
Audio Technica PRO37
AKG D3800 / AKG D3700 MIcs
Sennheiser E609 Guitar Cabinet Mic
Audio Technica ATM 89R Vocal mic
Beyerdynamic TG50 Bass Drum Mic
Beyerdynamic M300N(C) Vintage Mics (x2)
Audio Technica ES945 Surface Mount Microphones
Mics Various (x6)
Se Electronics Instrument Reflexion Filter Pro and RF Filter-5 Pack
Art Artcessories SplitCom Pro Mic splitter/combiner
ART X Direct Active DI Boxes



Marshall JMP Master Vol 50 Watt 2×12 Vintage Combo
Marshall JMP Master Vol MKll 100 Watt Vintage Head
Marshall 100 Watt 4×12 Cabinet loaded with Celestion Greenbacks
Marshall DSL 2000 Head
Marshall TSL 60 Watt Head and 4x 12 Cab
Marshall 1936 2×12 Cabinet
‘Harris’ Custom Build Curly Lead Orange 2×12 loaded with Electro-Voice EVM12L and Celestion Gold speakers
Laney VC 50 2×12 Valve Amp
Kustom Groove Bass 600 Watt amp


In The Rack

Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2×90 stereo rack amp
Rocktron Pro-gap processor
Rocktron Intellifex processor
Rocktron midi-mate floor controller
Rocktron Velocity 1×12 cabs (x2)
Trace Elliot 3×12 custom ‘Yan Circa’ signature speakers (x2)
Korg Toneworks rackmount professional tuner



Gibson Les Paul
Fender JV Vintage Stratocaster
Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro Custom Hardtail 24 Fret Ebony Guitar
Ibanez Steve Vai Jem 777SK
Ibanez Joe Satriani JS700 Custom Hardtail
Martin Sigma 335 Guitar
Bass Collection 5-String Bass Guitar
Ibanez RG 550 / 570 / 560 / Ibanez Sabre and Radius Models
Aria John Joyce “JJ” Signature Vintage 70’s Jumbo Acoustic Guitar
Aria Pro ll Matsumoku Vintage Bass
Admira Solid Top Nylon Strung Acoustic Guitar
Seagul Solid Top 12 String Acoustic Guitar
Northworthy Allport Handmade Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha APX 6C Electro Acoustic Guitar
Fender Rhodes ’73 Stage Piano


On The Floor

Pedal Train Pedal Board & Flightcase
EFX MKII Guitar Audio Controller
Pigtronix Infinity Looper Pedal and switch
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
Digitech EX-7 Expression Factory – Guitar Effect Pedal
Dod YJM308 Yngwie J Malmsteen Signature Overdrive
Marshall ShredMaster Vintage Pedal
Line DL4 Delay Pedal
Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah Wah
Ernie Ball MVP Volume Pedal
BBE Green Screamer Vintage Overdrive
BBE Orange Squash Vintage Overdrive
TC Electronic Corona Chorus Pedal
Electro Harmonix Mini Q Tron
Boss FBM-1 Fender Bassman
Digitech Whammy II
Sessionmaster JD10 DI Box
LR Baggs Acoustic DI Box


Drum Kits

No.1 Kit
Natal Drums Fusion X 22′ Bubinga ”Short Stack” Drum Set (inc) all Natal hardware and stands. Sabian cymbals. Evans heads.



Kick 22″ x 18″
Snare 14″ x 5.5″
Tom 10″ x 6.5″
Tom 12″ x 7″
Tom 14″ x 12″

No.2 Kit
Yamaha 4000 series 5 piece kit – inc Yamaha msd hand crafted 14 x 5.5 snare. Yamaha stage custom piccolo snare – Gibraltar rack. Zildhjan and Istanbul cymbals.


Latin percussion suite including:
congas, bongos, cowbells, cabasa, claves, maracas, wood blocks, rainmaker, etc


Green Room

Comfy Sofa’s
X Box 360
Loads of tea and coffee


Full HD Video cameras (x3)
Manfrotto 058B Tripod
Manfrotto 804RC2 3-way Tripod head
Manfrotto 058B Super Clamp