We have a wealth of experience in producing and mastering vocals/voice for e-Learning and product based media. We work presently for a number of prestigious clients including Union Square and Creative Bridge.

Union Square

Union Square Software Limited have been driven by market success of their software in the UK and overseas, to produce high quality e-learning for their clients’ users. After several draft versions of their audio, Curly Lead Recording Studios worked closely with their Training department to ensure the production of high quality audio which matched the quality of the visuals of the e-learning for distribution to thousands of end users around the world. T-Bone Burnett has continued to advise Union Square Software in their recent development of sets of instructional videos with equipment advice and configuration, as well as in-house audio recording techniques.




Creative Bridge is now ranked sixth in the top 25 UK public sector PR agency listings, as published by industry magazine PR Week.Despite a tougher market for public sector PR agencies, Creative Bridge has built on its long-standing partnerships with clients as well as attracting new names to its client group, and its rise in the listing is testament to the hard work and determination of its growing PR team.