Tompot Blenny

Tompot Blenny

Tompot Blenny crafted 6 tracks for their first album, “Found Under Blankets” here at the studio, over a 5 day session back in 2000. We thoroughly enjoyed the close working relationship forged during the session and are proud to have them as our first signed act.

Here are some album reviews;

The debut 8-song mini-album from enigmatic Nottingham-based trio, their first release in 4 years… Mysterious combo responsible for two of the first five Shinkansen singles, release during 1996, and then disappeared without a trace. Those first singles were both recorded as a duo of Craig Wheatley and Carl Bassett, and were characterized by sparse instrumentation, a skeleton of guitar, bass and vocal, with minimal keyboard and drum-machine, and Carl’s extraordinary voice. Comparisons were made to early MICRODISNEY or YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS, rarefied atmospheres indeed! Now a trio, having added Adam on drums, TOMPOT BLENNY has made great strides in sound development. Although many songs still retain the haunting acoustic simplicity of their earlier work, which brings to mind bands like The CATCHERS and early GO-BETWEENS; others are much more powerfully electric, full of tense, edgy guitars feeding through a variety of effects, recalling the taught, angular, stripped-down sound of PJ HARVEY, ELASTICA or WIRE. Always, though, it is Carl’s unsettling words and astonishing voice which carry the songs… Beautiful pop opuses!

This is what Stewart Mason had to say about Tompot Blenny:

The mostly acoustic duo Tompot Blenny (obscurely named after a small intertidal fish) released two of the first five singles on the Sarah Records offshoot Shinkanshen in 1996, then laid low for nearly a full half-decade before finally releasing their first album, Found Under Blankets, in November 2000. On the album, singer Carl and guitarist Craig (in true Sarah fashion, they’re identified only by their first names) are joined by new drummer Alan. Similarly, the acoustic jangle and breathy harmonies of earlier songs like “The Short-Haired Girl in the Left-Legged Pineapple” is enriched though not replaced by a greater emphasis on electric guitars and a more prominent rhythm section. “Don’t Let Her Know” and the tender title track are in the languid style of the earlier material, while other songs, especially the fully electric and almost rocking “Real Life Scooby Doo,” are more energized. The combination works quite well, avoiding the sort of listener fatigue an entire album of twee little acoustic miniatures can bring on.

1. Red Light Ryan
2. Don’t Let Her Know
3. Ingleberry
4. Artless Aliens
5. Real-Life Scooby-Doo
6. Falling
7. Roses Jar
8. Found Under Blankets

(Ingleberry and Roses Jar were recorded in Leicester).
The album is still available here, so as a taster we have put together a sampler for you.

Tompot Blenny Sample mp3