Jah Wizdom & Hacedion Reggae

Jah Wizdom & Hacedion

Jah Wizdom & Hacedion are a Reggae band with a difference. Hacedion is a universal word which translates to mean “to take away sorrow and bring joy”, these are the key ingredients that form the rythmatic sensation of Reggae. Just look at the pics and listen to the sample mix mp3’s – we had just the most “blessed” time (not to mention huge quantities of Jamaican and Indian food)

Jah Wizdom – Voice

Guy Buengo-makengele – Perc.

Denom – Lead Guitar

Peter – Guitar Courtney – Bass

Claude Barnes – Drums

Hacedion in Solidarity of vibrant Reggae/Dub beats to set the tempo and fusion of a Spiritual Lyrical influence
delivered superbly by Jah Wizdom, coming together to Quantum Leap you to a telepathic experience of Jamaica & Africa.Peace Love & Solidarity. x