Recorded some time back in early 2000, Crawll were our first female-fronted Metal band. Sadly the band are no more but we liked this set of tracks and think they are still well worth a listen. Below is a Yaz Zine review of their first gig;

Nottingham Old Angel
February 11 2000.

“Wooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhh reverberates down the stairs, as it sounds like Satan just took to a lot of the current nu-metal going on, but hey, guess what, they’ve got changes of pace, dynamics, it’s not a one-dimensional bore fest. It’s pretty good. In some respects they’re also a cartoon band, my mind can’t help but think you’ve got the 80’s skatecore kid on guitar, ponytail and a baseball cap, Suicidal Tendancies, there’s the goth like bassist with hair longer than mine, and a cartoon like nu-metal fiercely independent women unleashing the vocals. And a drummer. Sorry, the drummer wasn’t bad, just couldn’t come up with a condescending stereotype. But they’re better than that, there’s also some kind of performance, writhing bodies and everything. Only remember the name of one song, Bit My Lip, it’s all sounding pretty good. If the singing element develops into anything like as fierce as the shouting, then it’s going to be good. Totally new band to me, and unlike many others, they left a definite impression on the very first viewing. Not many do that. Impressive.”


Parental Advisory

Parental Advisory


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