Metal Bhangra Fusion – Bhangtallica

Metal Bhangra Fusion – Bhangtallica

Once upon a time, a world-renowned producer from an exotic land far far away came to Curly Lead Studios with music from his homeland.

Harj D had arrived at our door. He had been searching for the best of the talent from the home of his ancestors bringing home the rich fruits of his labours. Musicians came forward-the cream of the country to work with him.

A fusion of two musical styles that had never been seen before was fashioned by our producer and his trusty team.

Many a night of hard work ensued.

There are over 30 individual tracks on this recording and the final mix is one of the most complex we have ever undertaken. Dave used his classic Ibanez JEM 777SK, a Marshall JCM 2000 for the guitar tracks and the Yamaha house kit for the rock drums.

Add a host of Indian instruments like tumbi, dhol, tabla, mandolin, algooza, dhad and sarangi. Add the voices and samples and fused together with crashing metal drums and guitar.

Bhangtallica was born!

Mastered by Dave B and T-Bone Burnett.