Dave Collins Singer/Songwriter

Dave Collins

Classic acoustic songs from one of the hardest working artists to come through our doors. Years of material and experience came together in a recording session that saw numerous tracks from his enormous library – all written by him since his teenage years.

These songs were all recorded in one take – no overdubs (except for the solo on Dreaming from Dave Buckley). The acoustic guitars and finger-picking parts were recorded with a matched pair of Audio Technica AT4041 condensers and the voice with a Sontronics Omega Tube mic.

Instrumentally we used Dave’s Custom Patrick Eggle and a vintage “JJ” James Joyce Signature Model acoustic. The three mics were driven by TL Audio 5051 Valve pre-amps and a Drawmer 251 Spectral Compressor.

Laid down and mastered with our Soundcraft Ghost desk and Quested H208 Monitors.

The audio and video was recorded in the studio and the final video production handled by our good friends Brett & Jason at Jet Productions. Hope you like them.



Audio Sample



1. The Destruction of Sennacherib

‘This is an extremely famous poem with a dramatic and memorable opening line. Six relatively short stanzas with a fairly simple rhythmic structure. The trick was to build some variety into it and avoid too much repetition but still not lose touch with that compulsive and insistent rhythm. Whether I have succeeded or not the viewer must judge for themselves. In any case thanks for listening’.



2. When the Sun goes down

‘Just driving home one night when this phrase popped into my head complete with its tune – “I feel so pitiful, lonesome and wild”. Before you know it I’d written a song about dying! But strangely enough it’s quite cheerful sounding – not exactly the Death March in Saul’.


3. Sleepin’ In Granny’s Back Bedroom

‘This is me reminiscing about my earliest and fondest memories, living at my Grandparents’ house during the Second World War. My father was away fighting for King and Country. The World was in turmoil, but we were in Heaven! So I fell off the railway bridge and cracked my head open. So Grandma bustled past and accidentally knocked me into the fire. So you couldn’t see the top of the sideboard for clutter. I was surrounded by love and affection which I returned in equal measure. I didn’t know then how happy I was’.