About Us

We love music, musicians and creative people. We are musicians ourselves and understand just how it works to be both sides of the creative fence.

We have over 30 years experience in the industry as players and producers and have back up support from the area’s top session players and retailers.

We love analogue and valves but have embraced the modern digital world to its limits within our set up here.

It works – a combination of the warmth of our valve pre-amps and analogue desk and the flexibility of mastering digitally. It’s a simple but powerful system, we like to record you as naturally as possible with quality mics and pre-amps then edit the work in the digital world – on PC or finally back through the high quality desk pre-amps and on to our Master Recorder.

This way we can tackle any job – up to 24 tracks at once on hard disk – ADAT linked to our DAW and back again, adding unlimited tracks as required. Re-mastering is easy with the highest quality plugins/samples and audio-visual suite.